Coolant Fluid Exchange Service

When, Why, and How Your Coolant Fluid Needs To Be Exchanged

Like other fluids that work within your car's various systems, coolant fluid needs to be refreshed occasionally. The car was designed for such a process, there is a relief valve and drain plug incorporated in your radiator. The process is easy for a professional technician with a fully equipped shop. They raise the car slightly with a shoplift to allow access to the underside and through the hood. The old fluid is drained into a proper disposal unit for recycling or responsible disposal, and the reservoir is refilled with a new fluid according to manufacturer specifications.

Reasons for Coolant Fluid Exchange

Coolant fluid is a misnomer for what is in your radiator. It's antifreeze. Yes, it's a toxic poison and horrible pollutant, yet necessary for proper engine performance. Over time, coolant gets topped off with water. That's fine to do it's better to pour water in than to allow the reservoir to be low on fluid. But that's a temporary fix. Eventually, the contaminated fluid needs to be replaced with proper fluid which has chemicals that cool the heat produced in the engine and won't freeze during the cold winter months.

What Can Happen if Coolant Fluid Isn't Exchanged

Theoretically, the coolant should never need replacement, as it does its job of cooling the engine and then re-cools itself by flowing through the radiator. However, sometimes contaminants can get in the radiator since it isn't a closed system. Some fluid might leak on either a hot or cold day and it's fine to top of the fluid with clean water. Each time you do that, it compromises the efficiency of the fluid. As that happens, the fluid also picks up road grime and exhaust fumes in traffic, or dust and debris from driving on certain or uncertain roads. Eventually, the fluid no longer functions efficiently to cool the engine. Alternatively, it might freeze during the winter, which will break the pipes and hoses in the coolant system and necessitate far more expensive repairs than a simple coolant fluid inspection and change.

Certified Dealership for Regular Repair & Maintenance

For coolant fluid exchange or any other routine maintenance, give us a call at Chapman Nissan in Philadelphia. Our fully equipped shop can provide your annual safety exam, conduct any maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer, or conduct professional-level repairs if your vehicle has been recently damaged.

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