Cabin Air Filter Replacement

Is it Time for a Cabin Air Filter Replacement in Philadelphia?

The cabin air filter does more than you might imagine to help make your drive enjoyable and to help make sure that the air inside your car is as fresh as possible. Driving can be very enjoyable but when the air in the car is stale or smells strange, it can make your drive less than enjoyable.

The Purpose of a Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter in your car is a small filter that may be scented that is located in the dash of your car and that helps to make sure that the air that enters your car through your vent system is clean and fresh and free of things that might make you less than comfortable. If you have ever driven in the city or driven where there is a lot of pollution, the cabin air filter helps to make sure that this pollution or foul smells do not make it into the car and therefore into your lungs. The cabin air filter is also going to help make sure that the cabin air smells good and that things like pollen and allergens are not getting into the car either. The cabin air filter is going to help to make the air in your car cleaner and safer to breathe overall.

Why Change a Cabin Air Filter

The cabin filter does need to be changed often depending on where you are driving and what you are driving through. For those that do not drive often or that are driving in the countryside where there is minimal pollution, you might not need to change it that often. If you live in the city or do a lot of city driving you may need to change the filter more often. The best thing to do is to pay attention and see if you notice signs that your filter may need to be changed. You might notice strange smells, you might notice that the car smells musty, and you may notice that there is dust coming out of your vents.

Choosing Chapman Nissan for Service in Philadelphia

Chapman Nissan offers a great range of services and can get your cabin air filter change out quickly while you have other services like oil changes and other filter changes. They have a great waiting area with vending machines. They also have extended hours, Saturday hours, and an express service department where you can get your car worked on quickly and easily so you can get back out on the road. The cabin air filter is important, you should keep it clean.

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